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The Essence of Detail

Personal Work, 2020

The drawing was actually inspired by the fun movie, Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr. The movie gives such a vivid picture of the unique diversity of animals that we see in nature, and I wanted to give an attempt to capture the uniqueness of them. Based on Polly from the movie, this closeup of a macaw seeks to accentuate the vivid details of this gorgeous bird. This close-up shot of the macaw as it ruffles its feathers I think, captures this sense of beauty and prestige. It was a reminder to me of how creative and unique God is, and how even the smallest details are attended to, giving to every part utter perfection. This contemplation and power is something I hoped to reflect in this drawing, being face-to-face with the awesome beauty of God's creation.  

The Essence of Detail - Edited_edited_ed

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