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GLASS PRINTS Special Orders

How it Works:

Choose Your Art or Upload a Photo

Choose a piece of art from the collection, or a photo that you love!

Pick A Size

Select a size. We offer four main sizes from small to extra-large glass prints. (Sizing and pricing options are shown below)

Select a Finish

In glass printing, you have the choice of our original, polished, reflective glass finish (no charge), or choose something a bit more with our non-reflective matte. 

Send Your Order

Fill out the order form below, with details for the specific piece you would like, and you will receive an email invoice with your order details, totals, and the safest security payment process through PayPal to make it official.


For commissioned work, you will receive an email with further instructions for sharing your photo to begin the process.


(Please note...additional costs such as labor, materials, and difficulty may be considered for commissioned portraits). 

Get Your Glass Print!
Once your order and payment are received, we get straight to work, to make your glass print a reality, and as quickly as possible, with shipment and delivery within 5-7 days!
(Please note that commissioned portraits may take longer (up to 2-3 weeks) to be hand-painted or drafted and converted to glass. However, all customer's receive weekly email updates on the progress of their order and painting, until the moment it arrives at your home!)




Small - 4.8" x 6.4" = $40.00

Medium - 7.2" x 9.6" = $60.00

Large - 10.8" x 14.4" = $90.00

X-Large - 21.6" x 28.8" = $155.00


Small - 5" x 5" = $35.00

Large  - 11" x 11" = $80.00


Original Reflective Finish - Has a polished glass finish. (No charge)

Matte Finish - Specialized non-reflective surface for your artwork (charge by size)


Small = +$4.00

Medium = +$9.00

Large = +$14.00

X-Large = +$27.00


Small or Large = +$4.00

Stand Options

Use a customized tabletop stand to easily display your new artwork, anywhere in your home or workplace.

(Only available for our small and medium sizes).


Small = +$3.00

Medium = +$4.00


Small = +$3.00

Order a Glass Print Now!

Get one before stock runs out!


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