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President George W. Bush - Visions of Freedom

Personal Work, 2019

Although a far more serious piece, this sketch of President George W. Bush is one that brings a message of hope and determination even in the most challenging times. Leading our country during 9/11 one of the most tragic events in our modern history, was a tremendous burden to carry, but President Bush did so with immense grace, and an unshakeable faith in the truth that strengthened our nation. In the midst of what seemed to be a very dark time, an immense ray of hope shone through, as he helped our country see it as a steppingstone to show just how powerful freedom truly is, and that liberty, and what is right can never be snuffed out by hatred, cruelty, terrorism, or darkness. When you look into his eyes you can see a sense of the vision that he had for the future, one where what America stands for would not only continue for ages to come but would be a proud example to follow all over the world. 


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