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The Queen - Equanimity (Painted Sketch)

Personal Work, 2018

This piece is truly one of my favorites, and was one of my first serious portraits. Inspired off the Queen's sitting for her first holographic portrait by Rob Murray and Chris Levine in 2012, entitled "Equanimity", I was truly captivated by the degree of contrast in black and white when looking at various draft photos that were taken. This painting was done largely in black watercolor, the majority of white sections being the canvas itself showing through, and this is why I began to see this piece as a really large and expressive sketch. It was like drawing with a paintbrush and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. But even more importantly, I wanted to capture not just equanimity, but rather serenity, in Her Majesty's expression. Wearing the crown with grace and poise, an internal strength and confidence that has been the trademark of the Queen for over 70 years on the throne. When you look into her eyes you can sense the devotion and peace that she carries.


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